Woman Sees Abandoned Dog’s Photo Online And Flies Her 2,000 Miles To Give Her A Home

On a bustling city street in Cyprus, Greece, an abandoned 3-year-old dog was struggling to survive.

Thankfully, a member of an animal rescue organization called D.O.G Rescue Cyprus stumbled across her and gave her a second chance at the life she deserves!

They named her Cher and brought her to a shelter to heal her injuries and prepare her for adoption.

Hundreds of miles away in the U.K., a hotel reception manager named Hayley Leece was scrolling through the shelter’s website. The moment she saw Cher’s picture, it was love at first sight!

Hayley reached out to the organization and arranged to bring Cher home with her to Ambleside, Cumbria. She paid £425 (about $566) to have the pup flown to England with all of her vaccinations and her pet passport. It was all worth it to give Cher a better life!

In the years since Cher has blossomed! She and her mom are inseparable and lead an active lifestyle among the rolling hills and sparkling lakes nearby. Plus, she gets to celebrate her birthday on the same day as the famous singer since Hayley doesn’t know exactly when she was born!

To thank the people who brought her best friend into her life, Hayley now runs marathons to raise money for a new D.O.G. Rescue shelter back in Cyprus. So far, she’s gathered £977 ($1,280)!

“Cher is amazing,” Hayley said. “She was really scared when we first got her, but her confidence is now soaring.”

It’s true! Despite having a broken leg just a few years back, Cher is now the ultimate hiking companion. She and Hayley have visited 107 of the Lakeland Fells and plan to eventually complete all 214 of them.

Thanks to some incredible shelter workers, this dog has a new lease on life, and what a fabulous life it is! We’re forever grateful to all the people who go out of their way to help amazing animals like Cher.

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