TN On my birthday today, my mother is sadly getting ready for surgery. I may not be the most visually striking puppy because of my black fur, and I feel like not many people appreciate me, but I still hope that everyone can send their blessings for both me and my mother.

Happy Birthday to you! 🎉 I’m sorry to hear that your mother is preparing for surgery, and I want to send my best wishes for her successful recovery.

As for you, remember that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, including the beautiful black fur you have. Every living being is unique and special in their own way. Your wish for blessings is a heartfelt one, and I join you in hoping for a smooth surgery for your mother and sending positive vibes your way.

Your love and care for your mother and the simple desire for blessings show the kindness within you. May your birthday be filled with moments of joy and love, and may your mother’s surgery be successful, leading to a swift and complete recovery. 

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