Abused Dog Has The Most Unusual Smile And He’s Beautiful

Every dog has a story to tell, and Zipper, the 8-year-old canine, is no exception. Found wandering the streets as a stray, Zipper arrived at a shelter with a heartwarming, one-of-a-kind feature – a charming, yet unusual grin. Despite her deformed jaw, Zipper’s spirit remains unbroken, radiating a friendly personality that captures the hearts of all who meet her.

Huntsville Animal Services personnel immediately noticed Zipper’s distinctive smile, but it’s clear that her unique appearance has no impact on her overall well-being. She enjoys regular meals and treats, displaying an unwavering zest for life. To Zipper, she’s just like any other dog, blissfully unaware of her uniqueness.

The exact cause of Zipper’s jaw malformation remains a mystery, leaving shelter staff puzzled. According to Erin Webb, a volunteer with Huntsville Animal Services, “We don’t know what caused the jaw malformation. We have no idea what caused it.” She explains further, “She does have a big underbite and her teeth are pretty far apart.”

Zipper’s arrival at the shelter told a tale of a tough life. It appears she spent most of her years as an outdoor dog, deprived of proper care and attention. Severe fur loss due to flea allergies and signs of having had numerous litters of puppies suggest a challenging past. Yet, despite the hardships she endured, Zipper’s resilience shines through.

The shelter staff recognizes Zipper’s precious nature and is determined to find her a loving forever home. She may appear distinct from other dogs, but her irresistible grin is a testament to her individuality. When you see her, you can’t help but want to get to know her better.

Described as a gentle and kind senior dog, Zipper prefers the comfort of snuggling over adventurous outings. She enjoys the company of other dogs and has formed a heartwarming friendship with Mr. Mike, another senior dog at the shelter. Zipper’s sociable nature extends to children, making her a versatile and adaptable companion for a variety of households.

Zipper may have experienced a challenging life in the past, but she’s ready to retire in a place where she’ll be cherished and accepted for who she is. Her story reminds us that every dog, regardless of appearance or history, deserves a chance at a loving and caring forever home.

So, if you’re looking to add a unique and loving member to your family, consider Zipper. Her exceptional smile and heartwarming personality make her a truly beautiful companion, ready to bring joy and love to her new home. 

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