Touching Moment: Every day after school, the dog faithfully awaits his 8-year-old friend

He waits every day by the school bus for his favorite boy to arrive.

This is the most charming and beautiful scene that you look forward to every day when you come home. This young man has just returned from school. And it’s not just his mother who’s waiting for him to come home. His faithful dog is also looking forward to it.

The dog can be seen in the video watching from his front yard as his human brother gets off the school bus and walks across the yard to look for him. The dog spreads its legs because he appears to be running to meet his brother halfway. But he didn’t run; instead, he walked.

The dog subsequently does something that was most likely the reason for the leg extending. He raises himself to his back legs and embraces his brother. What a thoughtful gesture! In addition, the dog refused to let go.

It seems this is a daily welcome for them, as his brother didn’t seem surprised by the dog’s behavior. Or maybe he has been teaching his dog to do this and now he has succeeded!

Bernedoodles, a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle, make excellent family pets. This hybrid combines the best of both worlds. They have the cheerful and lively demeanor of a Bernese Mountain Dog with the intellect of a Poodle.

“They have a special propensity to have fun and play with children. They get along best with young children if introduced to them as puppies. “They thrive in families where they can thrive with the young,” Garrett wrote for Trending Breeds.

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