TN Heartbreaking Puppy Separated from Adoptive Cow Mother Reunites in a Beautiful Moment.

‘Rookie’ cried loudly as if to say: “Please don’t separate us…”

Cue the sentimental music and get your tissues ready because this one is a tear-jerker. It has been proven over and over that animals have personalities, feelings, and emotions, just like humans do. Quite often, animals have more empathy than humans do.

One family noticed that their energetic little dog Rookie had formed a powerful friendship and bond with one of the cows on their farm. The cow was like the puppy’s mother – she would nuzzle him and groom him. He would run around and play with the cow, and he could often be found sitting or sleeping on her back.

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The unlikely duo formed a powerful bond. Despite their size and species difference, they considered each other family. They did just about everything together, until one day they were separated. The cow’s owner couldn’t afford to take care of the cow, so he decided to sell her.

Cow and Dog Reunion

Rookie watched as his friend was led out of the barn. He was visibly distraught, and tears welled up in his eyes. He stood in the empty stall and howled miserably. Rookie’s cries are heartbreaking.

Rookie was beside himself with grief. He howled and barked, and you could see the despair in his eyes.

As the cow was led away, she heard little Rookie’s howling and began to moo in response. Rookie listened to the familiar voice and took off running in the direction of the sound. His paws flew down the town’s street in search of his friend. Despite his owner’s call, the only voice Rookie heard was the cow’s.

To Rookie’s joy, he located the cow in a barn across town. In relief and pure joy, Rookie jumped all over the cow and licked her. Unfortunately, Rookie’s owner came and carried him back home. Rookie desperately whined and howled as he was separated from his friend once again.

Separated from his family, Rookie became very depressed and refused to eat. The sorrow on the poor pup’s face is heart-wrenching as he stands in the empty stall where he and his friend had spent so much time together.

With his head down and tail between his legs, Rookie sadly started to walk away. Suddenly, a head appeared in the barn stall’s doorway behind him – it was his cow! The family decided that they would figure out how to afford the cow since Rookie was so attached to her.

When the cow mooed, Rookie’s head whippedaound in shock – there stood his friend! He couldn’t contain his excitement and joy. The reunion was so heartwarming. He didn’t want to be separated from the cow that raised him and showed him, love, treated him like her own.

This incredible bond and display of affection between Rookie and his cow are so touching. You must have a heart of stone if this doesn’t move you. A family is a family pure and simple, no matter who you are. 

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