TN He Lay Motionless in the Rain Beside the Highway, Desperately Waiting for Help

“While driving, I saw a dog lying down! But I had the feeling that he was in danger! I went back… When I came back, he was simply lying in a pool of water at the edge of the roadway in the rain!”Fahrudin Caki Bravo said
He was lying down and it was as if he had given up, as if he was saying, I can’t take it anymore!
“I could see that he was suffering. I asked him “” Can we make a deal?”Don’t give up right away! I’m here! You don’t bite me (in pain), and I will come to your aid! All right?”Fahrudin said

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Fahrudin took him to the vet. X-rays will be taken to determine what is damaged! Internal injuries, such as bleeding, are of particular concern to the veterinarian.

Maddox is his name, and he has the ability to operate. The veterinarians were doing everything they could to save her life and, after further discussions with specialists, the spinal operation would be performed outside the large clinic.

“MADDOX, He’s on his way to the most crucial fight of his life! A surgeon is waiting for him, and he will try (spinal surgery) to give Maddox a chance.”

He was very kind and intelligent, as if he knew what was going on and where they were going!

Following the evaluation, the surgeon determined that surgery was not necessary. Because the chances are slim, almost none will pass, and then it happened, something akin to fate! The surgeon said he had a similar condition and he walked.
“I asked him, so can we try?”Said Fahrudin, the doctor replied “Well, I’m giving him a 10% chance!”

They rushed him to the operating room and the preparation area. Maddox has been operated on! He woke up and is currently sleeping. He sleeps and takes a nap.
The first postoperative test will be performed in the next two or three days to determine if he has “deep pain”! If he answers “pinch with scissors”, he has a 50 to 50% chance of learning to walk with practice!
He has seen comparable cases with a similarly injured spinal cord, and Maddox may never walk again due to the severe injury to his spinal cord. But his life will not end! We’ll make sure he has a wheelchair.

Six days after the operation! The prognoses are not encouraging. The vertebra had been crushed. Instead of gray, the spinal cord was blue. Spinal injuries were prevented. There is no more pain, which is unfortunate. According to estimates, he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But miracles happen!

They will try the impossible! However, nothing is impossible!

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After 16 days, the Maddox is fantastic, soft and good! At least for the moment. He was able to stand on his own two feet! But that’s all I have for now. After an hour, he wanted to go back to his box.
We must not believe in miracles! However, miracles can happen! He believes that he will walk because he is a strong warrior.

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