TN Dog Born With Short Spine and No Neck Finds A Family To Love Him Just The Way He Is ‎

All dogs deserve love and care no matter their illnesses or imperfections. They are unique and beautiful in their own right.

One of them was Cooper, an American foxhound, who has a genetic condition known as “short spine syndrome.” He has a short back and no neck, and he really struggled with his “flaw.” When he wants to look at his back, he has to turn his whole body. It is reported that he is one of only 30 dogs in the world with such a condition.

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The one-of-a-kind dog started his life facing many challenges and obstacles. He was abandoned right after his birth because of his unique appearance. Rescuers found him and took him to a shelter to care for him. His first home wasn’t the best fit for him, so he returned to the shelter after some time. But eventually, he found his forever home where he is perfectly cared for regardless of his physical condition.

Elly Keegan, the owner of Cooper, showed compassion towards the disabled dog when others were quick to give up on him. Despite the possibility of him being euthanized due to his disability, she took him home and gave him the love and care he truly deserved. Recognizing the need for medical attention for her pet, she was determined to help him in any way she could.

But now, Cooper’s condition is gradually improving. It’s challenging for him to move or walk, but the surgery has made it easier for him. Despite all the obstacles, Cooper is a happy and sweet dog. He has many followers on Facebook and everyone admires his resilience and wishes him the best. It’s really heartwarming that Cooper has such a kind owner to take care of him with so much love and appreciation.

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