Deaf Guy Adopts a Deaf Rescue Pup and Teaches Him Sign Language. 0hh

Every shelter dog deserves a loving home, especially those with special needs. Unfortunately, these dogs often face additional challenges when it comes to finding a forever family. One such dog was a tiny black lab mix who found himself sick and alone in a shelter at just a month and a half old.

This heartwarming story revolves around a puppy who defied the odds by fighting for his life and ultimately found salvation in the most perfect person.

The young pup was living in a Florida shelter, battling the deadly parvo virus and seizures. His future seemed uncertain, but that didn’t deter the rescue and foster organization called NFR Maine from stepping in to save him. They took the little pup under their care and transported him to Maine, hoping to nurse him back to health and find him a loving home.

Once in Maine, NFR Maine discovered that the little guy had another challenge to overcome. During a visit to their veterinarian, it was revealed that the dog was also hearing impaired. It remained unclear whether he was born with this condition or if it was a result of his illness. Regardless, it presented another hurdle in finding the perfect home for this resilient pup.

NFR Maine shared the story of this two-week-old puppy on social media, hoping to find the ideal match. They knew that despite his special needs, this now-happy puppy would make a wonderful companion for the right person. And the right person indeed stepped forward.

Nick Abbott, a 31-year-old man from Maine who is also deaf, felt an immediate connection with the puppy. Nick understood the dog’s special needs and knew he could provide him with a great life. He wasted no time in filling out the adoption paperwork, and within 24 hours, he became the proud owner of a new best friend whom he named Emerson.

From the moment Emerson and Nick met, a bond was formed. Nick began teaching the puppy simple sign language, and their communication was effortless. Emerson quickly learned to trust Nick completely. Together, they make an adorable pair, and every time Nick touches Emerson’s earlobe, he barks in response!

Emerson and Nick are both incredibly happy and fortunate to have found each other. We extend our gratitude to NFR Maine for rescuing Emerson from the shelter and giving him a chance to find love in the arms of his new owner.

Please share this heartwarming story with your family and friends, as it reminds us of the power of compassion and the joy that can be found in the unbreakable bond between humans and animals.


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