TN Abandoned Blind Pup Found by Busy Road Finally Gets a Second Chance

Blind Pup Who Was Abandoned Next To A Busy Road Finally Gets A New Chance

There is nothing that dogs wish more than to feel infinitely loved by their humans. As their parents, we relish seeing their eyes filled with love and the way they wag their tails as soon as they greet us at the door.

Our dogs know that they mean the world to us and that we adore them, too.

Unfortunately, there are numerous owners who dump their dogs and deny them the right to feel cherished and loved. The canines feel betrayed because the people whom they consider their family make them feel unworthy of love.

Today’s story is about a blind dog named Teasel who felt let down by her family whom she trusted unconditionally.

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Her merciless owners dumped the pup by the road without the slightest concern for what would happen to her next.

Teasel curled up on the side of the road, feeling confused and terrified. Her heart didn’t want to give up hope of hearing the familiar voices of her owners calling her name again.

Heroes Come To Save Teasel

blind dog standing outdoor

As soon as Laura Myatt, the rescuer at Sadie Dog Rescue, received a video and images about a blind dog who was dumped on the side of a road, she went to look for her.

When Myatt came to the location, she found the abandoned dog, later named Teasel, lying under a bush by the road.

Myatt’s heart became filled with sadness after she saw how terrified and let down Teasel felt. The pooch kept her head bent, and she had a sorrowful and confused look on her lovely face. Fortunately, a kind-hearted man fed Teasel for days.

According to him, the faithful dog didn’t move from her spot, not even when it rained. She kept believing that her owners would take her home.

Myatt approached Teasel and caressed her head, but the doggo shied away. The rescuer felt brokenhearted and wondered whether the dog ever received love from her owners.

Myatt gently secured Teasel with a leash and drove her to Sadie Dog Rescue.

Helping Teasel Open Her Heart To Love

poor blind dog
Source: Sadies Dog Rescue

The rescue staff received Teasel with open arms, trying to console her and give her much-needed love.

They removed ticks from her fur and prepared her a comfortable place to relax.

Teasel was gentle toward her rescuers, but she was still frightened. She didn’t look for human touch.

dog on bed refusing cuddles
Source: Sadies Dog Rescue

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