Monika the Rescue Dog Gets a Second Chance at Life with Four Prosthetic Legs

Every life is precious, and every soul deserves a chance, no matter the circumstances. Meet Monika, a Russian rescue dog who defied the odds and received a second chance at life when everything seemed bleak.

Despite suffering severe injuries that led veterinarians to recommend euthanasia, Monika’s story took a remarkable turn when she was fitted with four titanium prosthetic legs. Today, she is adapting remarkably well to her new limbs and embracing her new lease on life. This is the heartwarming tale of Monika, a brave little girl who overcame numerous challenges.

Following her devastating injuries, veterinarians initially suggested euthanasia as the most humane option for Monika. However, thanks to the unwavering dedication of her rescuers and the compassionate efforts of a kind-hearted veterinarian, Monika was given a chance to walk again with the help of four prosthetic legs.

Dr. Sergei Gorshkov, a veterinarian based in Novosibirsk, Russia, performed the groundbreaking surgery on Monika. While he has fitted 37 animals with prosthetic limbs since 2015, Monika is the first to respond so positively to the procedure.

Just two weeks after her operation, Monika was already adapting well to her new mobility, and Dr. Gorshkov anticipated that she would soon resume a normal life. Even he was surprised by Monika’s speedy recovery, stating, “I don’t think we were optimistic about that. But on the third day, she started standing up and walking around the clinic, going from room to room.”

Monika’s incredible journey began in December 2020 when she was discovered by workers in Plastunovskaya, a village in Russia. Shockingly, all her paws were missing, leading her rescuers to suspect she had been subjected to abuse.

Animal rescue volunteers Marina Gapich and Alla Leonkina stepped in to care for Monika. Based in Krasnodar in Southern Russia, these two compassionate women made sure Monika received the necessary medical attention. Monika’s damaged limbs were amputated, and she underwent a crucial blood transfusion to aid her recovery.

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Despite the seriousness of her injuries, veterinarians initially recommended euthanasia for Monika. However, Gapich and Leonkina refused to give up on her. They sought out Dr. Gorshkov and successfully raised over 400,000 Russian rubles (equivalent to more than US$5,400) for the prosthetic limb operation. Their dedication and determination were unwavering.

The process of creating Monika’s prosthetic legs involved printing them with a 3D printer in Troitstk and applying a coating at Tomsk Polytechnic University. The operation to attach the prosthetics was a resounding success, offering a glimmer of hope for Monika’s future.

For Dr. Gorshkov, the pandemic has transformed his perspective on his work, particularly considering the significant role pets play in people’s lives. “I’m happy to give a new life to animals, especially now during Covid. People find solace in animals, and by treating animals, I’m also treating people,” he affirms.

Monika has blossomed into a joyful little dog, relishing her second chance at life. Those who have encountered her quickly fell in love with her delightful presence. Gapich and Leonkina are devoted to ensuring Monika leads a fulfilling life, and they are exploring the possibility of consulting an animal behaviorist from London to provide further support and guidance.

Monika’s story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the resilience of animals and the transformative power of love and compassion.

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