Rescue Dog Holds His New Dad’s Arm on His Way Home, Refuses to Let Go. 0hh

The journey of a rescue dog from a distressing shelter to their forever home is a heartwarming sight to behold. As they embark on their first ride with their new owner, there is an undeniable sense of safety and gratitude in their eyes, knowing that their lives are about to change for the better.

Among these grateful dogs, some exhibit an exceptional level of appreciation, and one such dog is the sweet Stanley. At just six months old, Stanley found himself in a shelter after being rescued from an abandoned home where he lived with his mother. The hope was that he would quickly find his own loving forever home.

It was during his stay at the shelter that Sam Clarence, a volunteer dog walker for the Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, was approached and asked to foster Stanley temporarily. However, the moment Sam laid eyes on Stanley, something shifted inside him. He knew in that instant that fostering was not enough—he had to adopt Stanley.

The connection between Sam and Stanley was immediate and profound. As they headed home together, Stanley refused to let go of his new dad’s arm, firmly placing his paw as if to say, “I’m never going to let you go.” This simple gesture spoke volumes about Stanley’s trust and appreciation for Sam.

Upon arriving at their new home, it became evident that Stanley, despite bonding with Sam, had some fears to overcome in his new life. The first challenge presented itself when Stanley hesitated for over an hour before getting out of the car. But with patience and encouragement, he eventually found the courage to step into his new world.

Once inside, Stanley was given a comforting meal, a soothing bath, and a cozy bed to call his own. Slowly, he started settling in and making himself at home. However, his attachment to Sam was unwavering—he became a “Velcro dog” always wanting to be as close to his dad as possible. Even during sleep, Stanley made sure to keep a paw on his dad, a gentle reminder of their unbreakable bond.

Today, Stanley is a happy and confident dog, thriving in his new life. He and Sam embark on countless outdoor adventures, enjoying the great outdoors and splashing in lakes and ponds. Yet, amidst his newfound confidence, Stanley still cherishes moments of cuddling and physical contact. Whether awake or asleep, he finds comfort in having one paw placed on his dad.

The story of Stanley’s rescue and his journey toward healing and happiness serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of love and compassion. It is a testament to the incredible impact that a forever home and a devoted human can have on a dog’s life.

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