The Healing Companion: How a Loving Dog Assisted a Baby in Dealing with the Loss of a Father

Emily Taphouse dealt with the unexpected loss of her husband, Korey, in November 2016. He was a victim of a hit-and-run driver. The emptiness his death brought was unbearable for Emily and her family. However, two bulldogs came into their lives and are helping to ease the pain and heal Emily’s heart.

On a fateful November morning, the lives of Taphouse and her two young daughters – Hazel and June, aged 4 and 2 respectively – were turned upside down, leaving them to cope with the unbearable pain of loss. The tragedy had a profound impact on Hazel, making it even more challenging for Taphouse to break the news of her father’s demise and the fact that she could no longer see him. In an effort to move on from the devastating event, Taphouse decided to sell their house and relocate closer to Grand Rapids, Michigan. To add a new member to their family, she also adopted Fern, a cute little bulldog puppy with white and brown fur.

Upon Fern’s arrival, Taphouse witnessed an instant connection between her daughters Hazel and June and the adorable pup. This heartwarming sight began to ease Taphouse’s pain as she watched her daughters find solace in cuddling with their new furry friend. Taphouse expressed that it felt like a healing patch was placed on her heart while observing her girls play and shower Fern with love. Indeed, Fern’s presence had a transformative effect on the family.

As Fern grew older, Taphouse noticed that the pup would become melancholy whenever playtime with other dogs came to an end. Despite the abundant care provided by her human family, Fern was often lonely. To remedy this, Taphouse decided to expand their family yet again. However, finding the perfect addition proved to be more challenging than anticipated. “Every dog we found in shelters or adoption groups either had issues with small children or cats, or was too old to keep up with our energetic one-year-old,” Taphouse recounted. Feeling discouraged, Taphouse was ready to call it quits when she stumbled upon a Facebook post. A friend had tagged her in a story about Juno, a foster dog with a rough past who happened to be a large bulldog. As soon as Taphouse saw Juno’s story, everything fell into place.

Taphouse was approached by someone who believed she could help find a home for Juno, a dog in need of a loving family. Known for her passion in finding homes for animals, Taphouse eagerly agreed to help. Upon seeing Juno, Taphouse immediately fell in love and knew that she had to be the one to give her a forever home. Despite being told that Juno had suffered abuse and neglect, Taphouse was surprised to see how friendly and loving she was towards both her and her young child. It was truly a case of love at first sight for Taphouse and Juno.

Upon Juno’s arrival at her new abode, Taphouse and her daughters welcomed the bulldog with open arms and ensured her that she was in a safe haven. Taphouse recounted how Juno was previously mistreated when she attempted to climb onto the furniture. However, with their love and care, they persuaded Juno to sit on the couch which seemed like a slice of paradise for the bulldog. Unexpectedly, Juno became a great companion for Taphouse’s youngest daughter, June. The duo does everything together from watching TV, listening to music, and constantly being in physical contact.

June is very considerate of Juno’s well-being, making sure that the rescue dog feels at ease. Juno seems to enjoy the attention and care given by June, who treats her like a small puppy by asking if she needs anything and putting blankets on her. Taphouse observed this behavior and noted how June goes above and beyond to ensure Juno’s comfort.

Fern brought a lot of fun and liveliness to the household, but Juno has taken on the important role of providing a sense of serenity and comfort. This big and lovable bulldog enjoys being close to her people, often resting with her cheek against theirs or keeping a reassuring paw on them. Taphouse shared that Juno is an incredibly kind-hearted pup who adores everyone and everything, including their cats who even cuddle up to her.

Taphouse’s life has been positively impacted by her two dogs beyond her expectations. The mere sight of her two bullies sleeping next to her and playing with her children fills her with the strength required to face each day. Following her husband’s death, Taphouse’s family has grown and evolved, bringing about much-needed healing to her heart after nearly two years.

At one point in my life, I had doubts about my survival and even questioned if I wanted to keep going. Despite undergoing therapy and taking medications, I felt like my situation was hopeless. However, something changed when I met Hazel and June and their dogs. These furry companions have had a profound impact on me and have done more for me than any medical professional ever could.

According to Taphouse, these little packages are not only sweet but also packed with healing properties.

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