The dog tries to run after the bride’s car, attempting to cling to its owner in the moments of separation

Seeing that the owner got on the flower car and was about to leave, the dog followed, followed the person, leaning on the body of the car to look inside so the owner could see.

Seeing the owner get on the flower car and prepare to leave, the dog ran after and leaned against the body of the car to look inside so that the owner could see.

Accordingly, this emotional photo was taken by Allen Ko’s family at a wedding he attended in Guangdong, China.

Its ears were lowered, and it turned its eyes back to its mistress as if it wanted to say something. It seemed that Gougou sensed that ojou-sama was leaving this time and it would be a long time before returning. Its destroyed appearance made people extremely emotional.

Normally, the owner is very close to the dog, playing and taking care of it, so when the owner gets on the flower car, its sad eyes seem to want the owner not to leave.

The beautiful owner, looking into the dog’s eyes, also received that loving message, and then the whirlpools of tears rose up.

In response to the love of the pet dog, she reached out her hand and gently patted the big dog’s head, like the way she always patted his head, gently with it.

The dog seems to feel that this time the owner will go away for a long time before coming back (Photo via Bored Panda)According to the beautiful bride, Gougou has been with her for 10 years, playing together, sleeping together and walking in the garden with her. It can be seen that her childhood was spent with Gougou, everything was together.

The confessions of the bride Carrie Ho have partly shown everyone why the moment of parting is so emotional and nostalgic. Although they are not the same species, nor the same language, the process of growing up together has made them connect with each other with the most beautiful feelings.

Dogs are friendly pets with humans, they are very loyal and affectionate.

This isn’t the only story about the love between humans and pets. Before that, many similar stories were shared like the story of Hachiko – the dog regularly went to the station to wait for his master to return every afternoon for 9 years, 9 months, and 15 days, even though his owner was unlucky. life and can never return.

Or stories about dogs willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their owners.

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