Help Us Seek a Loving Home for Adorable Goat and Dog Best Friends Who Want to Stay Together in North Carolina!

Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog, an unconventional yet inseparable pair, found their way to the Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina on March 13 due to their original owner’s inability to care for them any longer.

Upon their arrival, it became evident that these two animals shared an extraordinary bond that warmed the hearts of the shelter staff.

dog and goat best friends at shelter. Wake County Government While some may perceive animal shelters as predominantly housing dogs and cats, the Wake County Animal Center is home to a diverse range of creatures, making the profound connection between a goat and a dog truly exceptional, as stated by Wake County Commissioner Cheryl Stallings.

The staff observed Cinnamon and Felix engage in playful antics, share meals, and even nap together. Dr. Jennifer Federico, the director of the Wake County Animal Center, noted that both goats and dogs are social animals, which likely contributed to their deep friendship.

Regardless of the reasons behind their extraordinary bond, it was abundantly clear that keeping them together was crucial for their well-being.

dog and goat best friends at shelter. Wake County GovernmentTo ensure Cinnamon and Felix remain united, the Wake County Animal Center is actively seeking a rescue partner with experience in caring for farm animals who can provide a suitable home for the inseparable duo.

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Currently, they are not available for adoption, as the shelter is dedicated to finding them a home better equipped to meet the unique needs of goats. The staff and volunteers at the center have been deeply moved by the heartwarming friendship between Cinnamon and Felix, driving their determination to secure a placement that promotes the health and happiness of both species.

In their effort to preserve this extraordinary bond, the shelter intends to explore adoption options if a suitable rescue home is not identified by the end of March.

dog and goat best friends at shelter. Wake County GovernmentRescue organizations interested in offering a loving home to Cinnamon and Felix as a pair are encouraged to reach out to the Wake County Animal Center.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that these remarkable friends can continue their journey together in an environment that appreciates their special connection and can cater to their unique needs.

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