Rescued Bait Dog Becomes Real-Life Disney Princess And Now Has Her Own Show!

Megan Steinke calls her dog Abigail’s rescue a Cinderella story because, despite the pup’s tragic past, she couldn’t be happier today.

Not only is the pit bull a survivor, but she’s also a healer! From being used as a bait dog to becoming a therapy animal, Abigail is proof that love can heal even the worst wounds. Her story has already touched thousands online, and soon, it will inspire people around the world!


When Abigail first came to Love Recues in Florida in 2016, her condition shocked everyone. Dr. Thomas Jackson called it the worst case he’d ever seen.

Her rescuers believe she had been used as bait in a Miami dogfighting ring. One of her ears had been torn to shreds as well as one side of her head. Abigail ended up losing the ear, but nothing could take away her sweet spirit.


After a long, tough recovery, Abigail finally got her happy ending (or more accurately, beginning) with her forever family: Megan and her husband Jason.

The pup has been treated like a princess ever since and even became a therapy dog with her canine sister Tala! The two of them visit hospitals, assisted living homes, schools, fire and police departments, and anywhere else they’re needed.

abigail and talla

In 2017, Abigail was named the American-Humane Hero Dog of the Year and celebrated with the doctor who helped save her life.

Plus, her parents are sharing her inspiring story with countless people through a Facebook page.

“Abigail does have a wonderful Cinderella story,” Megan said. “That’s what I like to call it. Former bait dog to Disney Princess. She’s raising awareness on bait dogs and dogfighting rings and animal cruelty as a whole.”

american hero dog award

In fact, the pup is now becoming a princess in real life!

Earlier this year, Disney reached out to Megan and asked to feature Abigail on a new Disney+ show called “It’s a Dog’s Life.” Each episode highlights two working dogs and one furry “hometown hero.”

If you have the streaming service, you can watch her episode now! It was released on May 29.


While Megan and Jason are thrilled to see their pup become a Disney star, they’re most excited about the difference her story will make.

“It’s just been so inspiring to see the impact a dog can make on people, and really advocate for the breed of the pit bull, and help rescue dogs,” Megan said. “Rescue dogs aren’t broken. They have so much love to give, and Abigail is an example of that.”


“Good girl” doesn’t come close to describing this incredibly resilient dog. We’re so happy Abigail has the life she always deserved. She’ll get nothing but royal treatment from now on!

Learn more about the princess’ story in the video below, and share her journey so she can steal more hearts.

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