Overwhelmed with emotion, the young girl’s eyes welled up with tears as she finally received the long-awaited present from her mother on her sixth birthday, an enchanting moment brimming with joy, love, and cherished anticipation.

Seeing the little girl’s expression with a special birthday gift, a dog, surely no one can contain her emotions and be happy for her.

For any child, a birthday is always the most awaited occasion of the year when they can receive many meaningful gifts from friends and family. Sometimes joy doesn’t come from a car, a plane, or a pretty princess dress, but from a little dog.

When Colette Francisco from Missouri turned 9 years old, she received a special gift from her mother: a puppy. With Francisco, she waited 6 years since her 3rd birthday to get this gift.

The moment the little dog was placed in Francisco’s arms, the little girl seemed to burst with happiness. She couldn’t utter a word and her face was filled with tears. She had to ask her mother and herself many times to find out if this was true.

“Tell me this isn’t a dream, Mom,” Francisco said in glee.

Collette’s mother said that from the age of 3, she wanted to raise a Shiba Inu dog. The girl named the dog Wasabi.

Colette was delighted to receive an adorable puppy for her 9th birthday.

Colette was delighted to receive an adorable puppy for her 9th birthday.

“We made the mistake of promising to buy Colette a dog when she was six,” her mother said. However, she thought she would forget that joke, but every year Colette repeats the story and she looks forward to that 6th birthday.

But her expectations were not met when on that 6th birthday, her parents were unable to give her the dog as she wanted. Recalling that moment, Colette’s mother said that she cried a lot.

This is what she has been waiting for a long time.

This is what she has been waiting for a long time.

The Francisco family will officially adopt Wasabi on August 4, although the little dog still has to undergo a few health-related surgeries. However, that couldn’t stop Colette’s love for her dog.

“She talked about Wasabi all day and even threatened her with a necklace. Colette counted the days on the calendar until the day she could sleep with Wasabi in her bed.”

Colette said she also received a lot of money from family members and will use it to buy new furniture for Wasabi.

When the officers most likely to retrieve the dog, they were stunned to see that the dog actually had a Pit Bull’s directly a Dachshund’s body! They had never seen anything like it before.

In the aftermath of the rescue, the shelter confirmed that the bad puppy is in fact a Pit Bull-Dachshund cross 1-year-old. Rami the sweet puppy was adopted out. Seeing a puppy with such a special build was an instant appeal to social media! This adorable kid was flooded with adoption applications within a few days!

Because of the heavy possibility of being misused for breeding, the sanctuary ultimately discarded the adoption idea and accepted Rami as their very own ambassador canine. Rami is now living like a boss with his shelter people. In Spite Of his Pit Bull DNA, Rami is a faint-hearted goof who is frightened of cats and simply wishes to be cuddled!

We must stress that we never support developer canine breeds in any manner. Incompatible breeds pose significant health dangers to both the mom dog and her puppies. The only point we can do in Rami’s case is to cherish him and provide him with the best life we can!

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