Laugh out loud: With the cutest animal snaps and cutest ‘sandwiches’ taking the Internet by storm

The lockdown has surely instigated many genius and not-so-much ideas. As boredom kicked in, humans turned to their pets since they were the last sources of entertainment.

I Am Inbread

Sooner than we knew it, the pun of “in bread” animals came to being. In fact, people found it so hilarious, it became one of the biggest internet crazes. The recipe is simple. You take a piece of bread (of your choice) and put it over the head of your beloved furball. You laugh out loud, preferably hysterically, at the priceless sight. Grab a camera and snap a picture. Voila! Your in-bread pet is ready for sharing.

Bored Panda compiled the most hilarious examples of pure bread pooches, but beware, the post is NOT gluten-free!

If you’re wondering why the heck people are putting slices of bread on their pets, you’re not the only one.

Purebread Or Inbread Doggo?

One Reddit user  on the subreddit r/outoftheloop: “I keep seeing dogs around the internet (specifically Pomeranians) with slices of bread fit around their head, is there any reason for doing this besides that it looks cute? And why bread? Does anyone know the origin of this meme?”

Luckily, people were armed with many theories in their answers. One answered that the meme has to do with “them being purebred, bred=bread.” Another suggested the joke went back to cats. “If you put a string or rubber band around a cat’s whiskers they will freak out and start backing up as though they are trapped halfway down a pipe.”

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