Meet Wiley: The Dalmatian with a Heart-Shaped Nose and Over 283,000 Instagram Fans nin

This adorable Dalmatian has an army of fans on Instagram. The reason for such a following is the heart-shaped nose. Wiley currently has over 238,000 followers and counting. In addition to having that particularity, he is also adorable and irresistibly cute, which only further makes people follow and like his photos.

His human mother’s name is Lexi Smith, and we find her description of Wiley especially cool, describing him as stupid, clumsy, cheeky, hungry, cuddly, curious, wild, crazy, sucking, and happy love. Her love for Wiley is immeasurable and it’s hard to put into words what he means to her, but she should be given credit for this crazy description of Wiley.

Wiley is one of 11 puppies from the litter, 8 of those 11 puppies were male and Smith from Oklahoma, USA chose him on St. Patrick’s Day. In the beginning, he was quite sleepy, mostly engaged in eating and cuddling, and did not show any signs of playfulness. Smith could not even imagine what he would one day turn into, Wiley today is the complete opposite of his younger version.

Fortunately, Smith lives in a place where Wiley has plenty of room to play. One of his favorite hobbies is driving a car, and he always regularly takes the position of the passenger in the front seat, where he often falls asleep if the drive is pleasant and relaxing; there is no better place for him to sleep than while driving with his favorite person next to him.

Wiley was not easy to train because, like most Dalmatians, he is stubborn, but that stubbornness makes him unique and even more special. Regardless of all the challenges that Wiley carries with him, he was the best adventure partner on all the trips that Smith took him with her, perhaps one of the reasons why he easily makes new friends.

The world learned about Wiley when Smith opened his personal Instagram account, where his photos were constantly uploaded, and new followers were constantly arriving. It all started because of Smith’s love for photography and the plan to keep a diary of Wiley’s life in that way, she had no idea that it would grow into what it is today.

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Already when he was small, it was noticed that he had a heart mark on his nose, but they were not sure if it would remain like that in his adult life, luckily it remained and became even more beautiful and visible. His followers on Instagram, who shower him with compliments every day and admire his uniqueness – Wiley is a real dog of love – pay a lot of attention to that heart on his nose. People on the street already recognize him as “that dog from Instagram”.

Together, Wiley and Smith make a couple whose love is clearly visible on Instagram. Smith’s posts and photos show how much Wiley means to her and how much love she feels for him, you can clearly see this all the time because every phase and every important event and experience of his is recorded on Instagram. Some of her most popular pranks include quotes like, “Hey mom, if I throw the ball, will you go away and leave me to call the stick?” and “It’s Thursday, or as I like to call it…the fourth day of the hostage situation”.

Wiley means to love not only his human mom Smith, but also all his fans around the world who follow him on Instagram, and all his posts remind us every day how beautiful and important it is to love unconditionally and live every day of your life with pleasure as if it were the last.

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