In a heart-wrenching moment at the hospital, a dog bids a tearful farewell to its dying owner

The heart-wrenching scene as a loyal dog says goodbye to the beloved ownerAs a California man lay dying in a hospital bed last month, his family wanted to make sure his beloved dog had one last chance to say goodbye. Ryan Jessen, 33, had suffered a ventricular brain hemorrhage and was on a ventilator at Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville when his family brought his dog of six years, Mollie, to see him shortly before his death on Nov. 30.

Jessen’s sister, Michelle, 32, caught the heartbreaking moment on video and posted it on Facebook for friends and family.“Just realizing that my brother is not going to wake up, it was obviously upsetting,” Jessen told TODAY. “We wanted the dog to have closure. We wanted to make sure she understood.”About six years ago, Ryan was walking in a cemetery near his parents’ house in Sutter, California, when he first came across Mollie, a stray who was “a little flea-bitten puppy,” according to his sister. The two developed such a close bond that the family wanted Mollie to get a sense of why her owner wasn’t going to be coming home by bringing her to the hospital.“(Ryan) was a very sweet person, and we’re all dog lovers,” Jessen said. “Mollie’s reaction normally would’ve been to run up and jump on him and be super excited, and she was very hesitant the way she reacted to him (at the hospital).”

The family has received an outpouring of support as millions have watched the video, with many sharing their own stories of grief.“For us this would’ve been devastating if we didn’t cling to our faith,” Jessen said. “People have just shown overwhelming support, and it’s been very meaningful to us.”In a heart-wrenching scene, a loyal dog bids farewell to its beloved owner. The moment was filled with emotion as the dog seemed to understand the gravity of the situation. The owner, who had been battling a long illness, was unable to care for the dog any longer, and it was decided that the best thing for the dog was to be placed with a new family. As the dog sat beside its owner, it was clear that it didn’t want to leave. The dog had been a constant companion to its owner, providing comfort and love during difficult times. It had been there for the owner through thick and thin, and the bond between them was unbreakable.

However, as much as it hurt the dog to leave its owner, it also knew that it was time to say goodbye. The owner’s family promised to take care of the dog and ensure that it would be loved and cared for in the years to come. This moment serves as a reminder of the special bond between humans and their pets. Dogs have a unique ability to love unconditionally and provide comfort in times of need. They become more than just pets but rather members of the family. The dog’s loyalty and love for its owner are a testament to this bond, and it will be missed dearly.

Although the dog is no longer with its owner, the memories and love they shared will never be forgotten. It is important to cherish the time we have with our pets and show them the love and care they deserve. The dog’s departure may be a sad moment, but it also represents the beginning of a new chapter in its life, one that will be filled with love and happiness.

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