Everyday Hero: Stray Dog’s Dedication to Helping Kids Safely Cross the Street

Meet Kupata, a remarkable stray dog from Batumi, Georgia, who has taken on a significant role as a self-appointed school crossing guard. His mission? Ensuring the safety of local students as they cross the street.

Kupata’s love for children is unmatched, and he is determined to make sure they arrive at school safely. His story began when he arrived in town as a playful puppy. Despite being a stray, the community embraced him, providing food and care. Kupata made the stairway of a local apartment complex his home and would leap out in front of cars, urging them to stop so that children could cross the road.

When cars refuse to halt, Kupata would bark fiercely until they came to a stop, then he would accompany the children as they crossed. His protective nature developed after spending time playing with the kids at the nearby park.

Dedicated to ensuring the park’s safety for children, Kupata would often bark at intoxicated individuals who lingered there. He formed strong bonds with three individuals: Nona, who provides him with food, a little girl, and Beka, who also looks after him. Growing up alongside children, Kupata thoroughly enjoys their company and spends countless hours playing with them at the park.

His love for sausages is undeniable, and he even earned the nickname “Sausage.” When he’s not watching over the children, you can likely find Kupata snoozing or indulging in his favorite treat. Kupata’s popularity skyrocketed after a video of him safely guiding children across the street went viral. He has become a beloved tourist attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide who eagerly capture photos with him.

The Adjara Tourism Department recognized Kupata’s impact and provided him with his very own dog home. His image even graces the side of a local building. Inspired by Kupata’s story, the city launched a scheme that incentivizes Batumi residents with a small yearly stipend for adopting stray dogs, aiming to address the stray dog issue. Kupata has become an icon, earning the title of “Pride of Georgia” and inspiring an array of artwork dedicated to him.

Despite his fame and internet popularity, Kupata remains unfazed, solely focused on ensuring the safety of the children he adores. In return, he receives an outpouring of love and gifts from people around the world. His impact extends far beyond his hometown, and he continues to be cherished globally. For Kupata, it’s all about the well-being of the kids he watches over.

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