Dog Runs Up To Woman In The Woods And Begs Her To Follow

Ashley Boggs was aware that something was wrong. She was traveling down a winding woodland road in Puerto Rico when she noticed the automobile ahead of her stop and then resume going. She quickly saw why traffic was stopped: a tiny brown puppy was coming up to motorists on the busy road, pleading for aid.

Boggs, a volunteer with Miracles for Satos Rescue, instantly recognized why the beautiful dog was in such distress: all of her puppies were nearby.

“When I got out, I discovered she was a nursing mother, so I decided to follow her,” Boggs said to The Dodo.

Boggs didn’t have to look far before he found two puppies beside the road. She drove the mom and her babies away. She then went in search of the rest of the family.

“I went to check when I heard puppy screams coming from the woods area,” Boggs explained.

As she walked through the beautiful, green forest, she began to notice small faces peering out from the foliage.

“I was amazed at how many there were,” Boggs added. “I was also upset because I knew they wouldn’t have lived if I hadn’t discovered them. There was no food or water left, and they were in a remote location. It is both joyous and sad at the same time. They were simply lovely.”

Boggs rescued the four infants from the woods and returned them to her car. The complete family of seven was soon reunited and on their way to the refuge.

The mother dog, eventually called Goji, couldn’t thank her savior enough for saving her life.

“She was extremely kind and continued kissing and hugging me to express her gratitude,” Boggs added.

Despite their experience in such a terrifying circumstance, Goji and her babies were caring and playful. They quickly became popular in the shelter.

“The mother is an angel,” Boggs added. “She is very sweet and likes having people pet her. The pups are incredibly amusing. They like playing with the volunteers and tying the shoe laces.”

Two of the puppies have already been adopted by loving families. Goji and the rest of her puppies will soon find their forever homes as well.

This family will never have to worry about fending for themselves again, despite having to overcome a dark forest and a busy road.

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