After realizing he was saved, the dog gave the woman the warmest hug to thank

Chowder, a little dog, thought he had found a shelter to shield himself from the rain on a rainy day: a garage in an abandoned house that had been transformed into a trash.

The little animal was seen crawling under a mattress to take refuge from the rain by a local couple. When the husband went outside to put away the trash, he saw the dog trying to shield himself from the elements.

Donna Lochmann, a rescuer with Stray Rescue St. Louis, told The Dodo:

“When the husband departed, he saw that this white dog had taken up residence beneath this corner of a mattress… and provided him with food and water.”

The woman who rescued the dog receives the nicest embrace.

The guy quickly phoned the Stray Rescue of St. Louis shelter, which arrived to pick up the 4-month-old white dog; he was shockingly confident.

Donna continued:

“As soon as we stepped out of the car, he dashed over to me. He was the sweetest little fellow. He didn’t seem afraid of us or anything. I believe he was overjoyed that someone was kind to him.

Chowder was so pleased when the woman tied a strap around his neck that he hoisted him in his arms to put him in the car, and the tiny one gladly clung to her.

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The savior explains:

“He walked in and sat on her lap, snuggling against her. He hid his face in his arm and rested his head on her shoulder. He was ecstatic that he was kept warm and that everyone were courteous to him.

The lovely puppy stayed to his savior the entire trip to the shelter, loving her affectionately and seemed to realize that she was now secure. The young one’s lively and inquisitive nature had already bloomed in the shelter. When he saw people, he was overjoyed, and much more so if they approached him with toys.

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Chowder is now in foster care, where he is learning to be an indoor puppy and socialize with other dogs. It’s now only a matter of recovering from his injuries and finding a permanent home.

His rescuers are certain that whomever adopts this adorable white puppy will have an endless supply of loves and cuddles for a long time.

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