Adorable moment: when the giant guard dog caressed when he met his newborn brother, it warmed everyone’s heart

It has been quite a while since Phil was introduced to his cute baby sister by his owners. This time, it was his turn to meet his newborn baby brother. Phil was a giant Malamute dog.

Despite his enormous size, Phil was quiet and peaceful. It was the day when his dad allowed Phil to meet his baby sister. His dad opened the door to the room for the dog, and he inquisitively walked in.

First, he sniffed at Milo, the family cat sitting on the ground. Then, he went to the oversized couch, where he noticed a new basket. He looked up at his dad as if asking, “What’s this?”

Phil’s dad sat next to the basket, and the Malamute climbed up on the couch. The owner introduced Phil to the newborn girl, sleeping in the warm and cozy basket. Phil carefully and slowly put his paws forward on his dad’s lap and lay close to the basket as if trying to get a sniff of the new baby.

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