Oil rig workers on an offshore platform in the Gulf of Thailand rescued a brown dog found swimming 220 miles from land. 2hi

In a remarkable tale of survival and resilience, a brown-haired dog, later named Boonrod, was discovered stranded at sea by oil rig workers on April 13. The heartwarming story begins when workers on an offshore rig in the Gulf of Thailand spotted the exhausted canine swimming towards them as they signaled him at noon.

Boonrod’s exact journey to the rig remains a mystery. Some reports suggest that he may have fallen overboard from a fishing boat, leading to his extraordinary 220-kilometer drift from the shore. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his past, the rig workers were determined to rescue him.

Upon pulling Boonrod onto the rig, the workers, touched by his remarkable survival, decided to name him Boonrod, which means “survivor” in Thai. The dog was in desperate need of nourishment and clean water, having endured his ordeal in the vast sea.Rescuing the dog from the beach, 220km from the shore

The compassionate workers nursed Boonrod back to health and, recognizing the limits of their remote location, sought assistance from an oil tanker passing through the rig area. Their dedication and efforts paid off as Boonrod was safely loaded onto the oil tanker on April 15, setting the course for his journey to a veterinary center in southern Thailand.

Upon arrival at the veterinary center, Boonrod received a thorough examination by a veterinarian. His remarkable story of survival and the compassion shown by the rig workers serve as a heartwarming reminder of the resilience of animals and the potential for kindness and empathy even in the most unexpected circumstances. Boonrod’s journey from the sea to safety is a testament to the enduring spirit of survival and the human-animal bond.

Rescuing the dog from the beach, 220km from the shore

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