She cried and was sad when she saw other dogs being loved and cherished in the pet shop 2hi

Greetings, Serena! In the pet shop parking lot, I was passing this woman when I noticed something about her. As I drew nearer to her, I noticed two different vomits, indicating that whatever they fed her did not remain in her stomach.

Serena had been up there in the afternoon and had been fed by them and other customers, they told me when I went inside the shop to inquire about her.

How does Serena get there, though? How long has this girl been a street child, and who left her there?

I saw that she appeared to be terrified of people. She began to comprehend as I moved closer and said, “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you,” before turning to follow me.

She could spend the night in safety and security if I had it in the car. We need to bring her to the clinic as soon as we can so that she may be examined and treated.

She appeared to be pleading with him not to beat her as she trembled. Serena had an old collar, was dirty, and was underweight. Her physique also bears several traces of street life. Serena, who is such a sweet and generous young lady, is worn out.

Serena is now giving off her own aura. Serena took flea and deworming medication. Serena was crossing the street while exhibiting odd movements.

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