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Carlie’s journey began when she arrived at the Humane Society of Broward County as a mere puppy. Her early life had been a tough one, surviving as a street dog in the Cayman Islands. Her initial days at the shelter were marked by profound fear and anxiety, likely stemming from whatever hardships she had endured.

scared dog

Carlie exhibited a natural curiosity about her new surroundings, but as time passed within the shelter, she gradually retreated into herself. The bustling shelter environment overwhelmed her, making it challenging for her to open up. What she longed for more than anything was a loving home where she could finally find solace.

scared dog

Susan Leonti, a digital marketing specialist at the Humane Society of Broward County, shared, “Carlie struggled to adapt to the shelter environment, becoming increasingly timid and withdrawn. Her fear led her to hide at the back of her kennel, away from the view of passersby. She was so expertly concealed that she earned the nickname ‘the invisible dog.’”

scared dog

Carlie’s dedicated friends at the shelter were determined to change her fate, yearning to see her thrive in a forever home. They devised a plan to make it happen.

Recognizing Carlie’s avoidance of people and her tendency to go unnoticed by potential adopters, they swiftly moved her to a more visible kennel and embarked on a daily regimen of socialization. Gradually, Carlie began associating people with pleasant experiences like treats and affection. Her confidence started to bloom, and she ventured closer to the front of her kennel, no longer in hiding.

scared dog

Despite these improvements, Carlie still awaited adoption. In a bid to capture the hearts of potential adopters, the shelter decided to place a sign on her kennel, telling the poignant story of “the invisible dog.”

“We placed a sign on Carlie’s kennel to catch the attention of passing adopters,” Leonti explained. “Although Carlie was making progress, she remained quite reserved, especially when compared to the other dogs at our shelter.”

As soon as the sign was displayed and shared on social media, everything changed dramatically.

scared dog

Leonti remarked, “The video featuring Carlie and her story played a pivotal role in her adoption journey. Her new mom came across the heartrending video on Facebook and felt an immediate connection. She knew she was destined to be Carlie’s forever family.”

Carlie’s new family embarked on a journey of over two hours to make her a part of their lives. Today, Carlie thrives in her loving forever home, a testament to the transformation that patience, dedication, and a little help from her friends can bring. It may have taken time, but Carlie ultimately found her rightful place in the world.

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